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My love/hate relationship with OS X

Posted on Thu 04 Nov 2004 (6213 reads)

Originally Published around January 2002. I currently use Panther and am very happy with it (although I still miss one or two things in the OS 9 Finder).

Like many of you, I recently purchased a new Macintosh and was eager to start working in OS X for a variety of reasons.

Currently, I am a full-time Web Developer, but I didn't start out as one. In fact, prior to buying my first computer (a Mac LC) in 1991 I knew almost nothing about computers. However, like many of you, I recognized the genius in the Finder (and a GUI file system in general). When comparing the Macintosh Finder to the Windows File Manager, the choice was obvious.

In the late 90s, when I learned that Apple was moving to a genuine Unix OS, I was THRILLED. "Finally", I thought, "I will no longer be a second-class citizen in the development world! I will now have access to all of the professional development tools so many of my peers take for granted. God bless you, Apple!"

I've been using OS X exclusively now for the past eight months. I've seen it go from 10.0.4 through 10.1.5 and have appreciated the improvements provided in each of the updates (although the 10.1.4 update proved a little more problematic for me personally, than previous updates).

For a variety of reasons, primarily the announcement of Jaguar and what its new "features" will be, I've been thinking about my experience with this new Finder and the Aqua "interface". In general, I have to say, I don't like it. I don't find it to be as easy to use as the most recent incarnations of the Finder in OS 9 and am not completely convinced buying this TiBook was really the right thing to do. For those of you who are curious, I've summarized my feelings about this new Finder (in general) in this article.

If you feel compelled to email me, you can send me email to any address at and it will reach me. I'll let you be creative with the username you choose.

Apple, if you're listening, please consider bringing back those aspects of the Finder many of us have come to depend on. I'm afraid the withdrawal is more than we can handle, and given a choice, we may not choose Apple the next time around.

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Posted: 2005/6/21 16:45  Updated: 2005/6/29 9:20
 Re: My love/hate relationship with OS X
We are currently in OSX HELL at my publication company.
Apple has taken 4 Mac loving "witnesses" and turned them into doubting unbelivers. Thank you for you indepth levelheaded essey on OSX.

Poster Thread
Posted: 2006/1/11 9:39  Updated: 2006/2/14 12:03
 Re: My love/hate relationship with OS X
Mac loving "witnesses" and turned them into doubting unbelivers. Thank you for you indepth levelheaded essey on OSX Home Page Home Page Home Page